About Aerial Surfer

Aerial Surfer is an Australian professional aerial service business that is based in Sydney with superior experience to capture aerial cinematography and photography. We can provide you aerial drone services in a number of areas. We work on feature films, promotional videos, aerial surveys, aerial mining inspections, aerial agricultural inspection, aerial videos and aerial photography. We use drones which means we can offer these services at a fraction of the cost that a helicopter or other aircraft would cost.

We offer services which can be tailored to suit your aerial photography and cinematography requirements, whether they be for your small business or larger corporate videos. Our service delivery will exceed your expectations.

CASA Certified

We hold a CASA Special Flight Operations Certificate which allows us to fly anywhere in Australia. We maintain the highest standards of safety and are fully insured for public liability, professional indemnity and Workcover.

Our pilots have extensive experience operating drones. This is more experience than the average commercial airline pilot. Given our level of experience we are able to fly complex and precise flight paths producing some of the most stunning aerial imagery in the world.

Equipment and Technology

fleet includes UAV drones that can conduct inspections of complex infrastructure, which are unable to be assessed from the ground or without expensive full sized aerial or lifting equipment.

They are equipped with the latest technology ensuring safer, more reliable and the best video stability in the industry. All of the drones are fitted with three axis stabilised gimbal, which provides faster and cheaper equipment, without compromising on quality. All the content we shoot is shot with precision and accuracy to ensure you’re satisfied with the visual imagery you receive.




We offer a range of aerial photography and cinematography services to all types of businesses and for all types of situations. These include:

Sports and Events - Efficiency and cost effectiveness is the name of our game. That's why we use drones. The set up time is much shorter, and can actually be done in just a few minutes.

Condominiums and High Rises - We can capture images of your high rise development. You will therefore be able to see how it looks in the skyline.

Golf Courses and Tourism - We operate so that your golf course can be photographed or filmed with minimal disruption to play. Our drones can capture the beauty of your golf course and provide you with exceptional marketing material.

Construction and Engineering Residential - If you want to track the progress of your construction then aerial photography is right for you as our drones have the ability to capture 360 degree angles.

Commercial Real Estate - If you are advertising a property then our commercial real estate photography is right for you. We can provide imagery at the angle you want with 360 degree footage available if required.

Film, Television and Corporate - We can capture your corporate event from the air. It's all about capturing that moment, and capturing the experience. We can provide you with video and photography.

Aerial asset inspections - We carry out aerial inspection and surveying using drones / UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Health and safety comes first, we can conduct safe operations without compromising image quality and assist you to safely achieve your goals without placing your employees in potentially dangerous and high risk locations. Our aerial inspection solutions is very cost effective, our aerial inspections will help you to minimise downtime and traditional shutdown.

Aerial agricultural crop surveillance - It is not always possible to reach every angle of your crop plantation and that is where we come in. We can enter the airspace above your crop field so that you can monitor your crop progress accurately and with speed.


 We offer a range of aerial photography and cinematography services to all types of businesses.  



All of our staff are highly qualified with extensive training. We want to deliver the best possible service to you.

Safety is our priority and we pride ourselves on offering a safe and reliable service.

Our fleet of drones has safety feature designs and we always carry back-ups to ensure the job can be done at the time you require.We always perform safety checks prior to the flight to ensure everything runs smoothly and according to plan.

Prior to each flight we carry out the following checks to maintain our safety standards and the industry’s standards:

A risk assessment

Area assessment

Mission briefings for whoever is involved in the project.

Check the aeronautical charts for airspace restrictions

Request an aerial approval if the location is in a controlled air space.



See some of the fantastic aerial photography work we’ve done previous and how we may be able to help you in the future.



We are committed ensuring the areal video industry in Australia is the safest in the world. Our Drones/UAV's are equipped with the latest technology to ensure safety, reliability and the best video stability in the industry. They are all equipped with a 3 axis stabilised gimbal, providing quicker and cost effective options to traditional equipment e.g. booms, jibs, cranes, camera Tracking Dollies and full size helicopters. Our drones can easily fly in winds up to 30km/h, offering smooth and precise flight even in the most challenging weather situations.

These mean that we can offer you:

Longer flight times and ability to shoot in 4K.

Live Video Down-Links provide real-time vision of what we capture.

Fully autonomous mission capabilities across our fleet for complex flight paths and for surveying/mapping projects.

Automated SAFETY features built into ALL Drone/UAV's to return to launch area in the event of emergency

Aerial Surfer is able to capture unique low-altitude angles in positions which cannot be accessed by manned aircraft or helicopter.

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